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Product Portfolio


A plant watering solution (For IBG Research)

May 2018 - Feb 2019

  1. 100% Functional product design
  2. Learn how to transform ideas into a FUNCTIONAL prototype
  3. Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Performance and Aesthetics
  4. ENJOY the training, NOT endure as is the case with most programs
  5. Learn by DOING approach, followed in every section
  6. Learn how to handle big projects through efficient and organized workflows which get the job done quickly!
  7. Use our years of experience in functional product design to come up to speed

Portable washer

Portable foot operated washer (For Laemorian)

June 2017 - Dec 2017

  1. 100% Functional product design.
  2. Designing and prototyping a compact and portable foot operated washing machine.
  3. Aimed at rural and expat population so the primary goal was to make it solely manual, compact and portable.
  4. User cranks the paddle with his foot which rotates the drum inside
    the machine.
  5. RPM is improved by utilizing a 1:50 gearbox and a one-way freewheeling bearing.
  6. The plastic parts had to molded hence all the considerations had to be made in modeling to minimize any rework and manufacturing defects.


For drone camera

Jan 2015

  1. Design of a camera gimbal which stabilizes the camera on a drone.
  2. It had to be mass produced so considerations had to be made for the part to be injection moldable.
  3. The assembly involved housing two motors inside the gimbal arms which orients them.
  4. Motors are screw mounted for which provisions had to be made on arms.
  5. Design also involved modeling the housing for the camera and supporting accessories.
  6. Connecting wires run along the inside of arms.

Ergonomic recliner

Zero gravity ergonomic recliner

May 2016 - Dec 2016

  1. Project involved designing and prototyping a zero gravity recliner.
  2. The recliner must have had functionality of reclining to any position, tilt, and rock.
  3. Along with these three functions, the user had to be able to perform hamstring stretch and quadriceps stretch on it.
  4. The tilt was provided using a ring gear and pinion driven by a motor.
  5. Tilt and rock were provided using an existing mechanism because of
    manufacturing considerations.
  6. Functionality to perform stretches were provided by using a lever operated recliner mechanism on independent linkages for each leg.
  7. The design involved selecting appropriate ring gear/pinion system
    and frame design using welded joints.

Camping Ice box

A portable camping ice box

Mar 2015 - May 2015

  1. The project involved conceptualizing and designing a portable
    ice box for camping purposes.
  2. The design had to be manufacturing ready and all the plastic parts had to be injection molded.
  3. The insulation was achieved by a foam sheet sandwiched between two plastic walls.
  4. Special considerations had to be made regarding the manufacturing tolerances as all the parts had to fit as expected.
  5. Parts were held together by employing snap features and screw bosses as well.
  6. All the considerations had to be made about the injection molding.

Grinding machine

A Semi automatic grinding machine

Nov 2016 - Mar 2017

  1.  Semi Automatic Saw Grinding machine developed from scratch.
  2. It involved sketching the concept and conceptualizing, selection of pneumatic cylinders, control valves, air handling unit and other connecting elements.
  3. The frame involves welded joints and component connections use
    routing design.
  4. The operator presses a button to open the grippers which close once the blade is placed, after which the grinding cycle starts.
  5. The cylinders move forward with motors, coolant spray starts, grinding wheels move up to a set distance, then move back to start position.
  6. The whole unit is controlled by a PLC.

Automated closet

A Semi-Automated closet for convenience

Feb 2015 - May 2015

  1.  The project involved designing a semi-automated closet which will save a lot of space compared to a conventional closet and improve comfort and convenience for its user.
  2. The design has two sets of vertical rows of shelves which increase the storage capacity to almost 4 times.
  3. It also allows for the height to be over 10 feet tall which increases the capacity.
  4. A dual through shaft motor drives the chains using a shaft and flexible couplings.
  5. The design had chain slack adjusters which compensate of chain extension over time.
  6. Necessary fits and tolerances had to be provided for manufacturing.

Paddy Husking machine

Mechanical design of a paddy husking device

May 2014 - June 2014

  1.  The project involved designing a paddy husking device
  2.  Is had to be an assembly design so tolerances had to be precise
  3. It involved a  functional gear assembly design along with the supporting frame and surrounding parts
  4. Individual parts were designed and standard machine element could be imported from the tool box
  5. The paddy is dropped from the top into the hopper and two rollers husk the grains
  6. Processed grains fall into the bottom and collected

Modelling a manlift

A detailed CAD model of a man-lift for visualization

Jan 2015 - Fab 2015

  1.  The project involved making a precise model of a specified man-lift which had to be 3D printed for display purposes.
  2. The scaled down dimensions had to be precise so that it represents
    the replica of the actual machine.
  3. CAD modeling involved making each part separately which will be 3D printed so the machine can be assembled later.
  4. The model had to be detailed enough so it can be exploded to show the inside design as well.
  5. The Arms must had to be modeled so it moves a expected.

BLDC Motor Assembly

A Detailed CAD assembly of BLDC Motor

Jan 2014 - Fab 2014

  1.  The project involved modelling an assembly of BLDC hub motor
  2. The dimensions had to be precise and the gear train had to mesh and work perfectly
  3. Exploded views had to be created and inner views and section views had to be created to show the insides of motor
  4. BOM and illustrations had to be included to explain the functionality
  5. Proportions, sizes and parts had to be precise so the CAD model represents the actual product

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