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Simulation Expert

Testing for Performance, Motion, Aerodynamics (Testing Chassis, Steering, Suspension, Aerodynamics)

Solidworks Simulation (FEA), Static and dynamic studies, Kinematics, Motion studies, Fluid flow (CFD), Mold flow etc.
Simulation Expert 90%

100% Learn by Building approach

Don't just do a Course, do a Project to learn something!

  • Finish a big and exciting project and learn the skills to do so, on the way
  • Don’t just learn a skill, Put it to use, so it is worth something to you!
  • By the end of the course/project, you not only have some kickass skills, but also have something that shows that you do.
  • Something which 99% among us don’t have, is a portfolio!

Functional designs

  • Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on WhatsApp/Skype with every course
  • Focus on Functional product design, not just for visualization
  • Design for: Manufacturing-Assembly-Performance as the core criteria
  • The course is designed to be Enjoyed, not Endured, 100% Learn by Building approach
  • The courses is a combination of engineering theory, software and shop floor experience that we have
  • Designed to be in Visual, mind-maps format which allows you to interrelate various concepts, not  just in bits and pieces here and there.
  • By the end of this course you not only will have learned the relevant modules, but you will have several portfolio items to show in your CV

What is Different?

What you will Learn

  1. Simulation Intro: FEA overview
  2. Solidworks simulation fundamentals, simulation advisor, workflow
  3. Simulation components, loads, fixtures, constraints, joints, meshing etc.
  4. Mesh types, study types, setting up studies, generating reports
  5. Static, dynamic, fatigue, impact, buckling, thermal and non linear studies
  6. Topology study, submodeling study and design optimization studies
  7. 2D simplification for quick analysis
  8. Viewing analysis results, viewing reports
  9. Motion study, kinematics, quick 2D mechanism blocks
  10. Finding loads, torque required, friction, gravity
  11. Finding velocity, acceleration, loads
  12. Mold flow analysis, setting up the study
  13. Making molds, setting up gates, runners, materials etc.
  14. Finding time required, analyzing results, defects etc.
  15. Setting up fluid flow study, pressure, inlet, outlet, geometry, meshing
  16. Running optimization study, 2D simplification, analyzing results
  17. Study types, parameters, generating reports etc.
  18. Tips, tricks, techniques and best practices


  • At least solidworks Beginners course, basic knowledge of stress, strain, pressure etc.
  • Latest Solidworks software installed and running
  • Must have their own laptop/PC
  • Keen interest to learn the skill

What you could design in this course

Difficulty level (out of 100)

Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on Whatsapp/Skype with every course

  • Someone who wants to learn optimizing a product design in Solidworks
  • Focus on design optimization, reducing costs, improving performance, design for mass production
  • Product design students, enthusiasts, makers who want to make functional product design
  • Those who are interested in machine design, automotive design, consumer product design etc.
  • Those who want to be able to create manufacturable designs and blueprints

Who should take it?

  • Complete beginners to Solidworks, try to learn basics first.
  • Those how want to create NON functional and highly organic models for visualization purpose only
  • Those who are already confident that they know the basics thoroughly
  • Those who have more then 1 year active experience in Solidworks

Who should NOT take it?

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