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On Site training

Product design made easy!

Not the Usual Seminar

  1. 100% Functional product design
  2. Learn how to transform ideas into a FUNCTIONAL prototype
  3. Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Performance and Aesthetics
  4. ENJOY the training, NOT endure as is the case with most programs
  5. Learn by DOING approach, followed in every section
  6. Learn how to handle big projects through efficient and organized workflows which get the job done quickly!
  7. Use our years of experience in functional product design to come up to speed

100% Learn by Building approach

Don't just do a Course, do a Project to learn something!

  • Finish a big and exciting project and learn the skills to do so, on the way
  • Don’t just learn a skill, Put it to use, so it is worth something to you!
  • By the end of the course/project, you not only have some kickass skills, but also have something that shows that you do.
  • Something which 99% among us don’t have, is a portfolio!

In-depth Industrial knowledge

The Dos and Don't s of the Shop floor

  1. Photo-realistic product rendering and CAD mock-ups, allowing you to visualize the product before manufacturing
  2. Design for Injection molding, 3D printing, Machining, assembly, welding, sheet metal, forging, laser cutting, surface treatments and so on…
  3.  Learn how to optimize your designs for performance and costing, through FEA Simulations
  4.  Learn how to communicate the design to shop floor as per International Standards through manufacturing drawings and symbols
  5. Design Mechanisms and compute running loads easily using motion simulations
  6. Optimize the Aerodynamics using flow simulations and CFD

Get the financial freedom everyone dreams about

Professional courses tailor made to impart functional product design skills

What people feel...

FairCAD did a tremendous job! They went above and beyond the scope of the project.The level of detail and accuracy was unparalleled. We WILL be doing business in the very near future
Keith Tucker
CTO, Toy Startup
They do really amazing work! I had a very complicated project which was split into 3 phases, and they were happy to work with me as per my preference very efficiently
Ask Malleck
Strategy, Amazon
They have some serious skills. I always love to work with them. Honest, hard working and fast response. Will definitely hire them again for sure
Sheik Info. Systems
Really helpful seminar on Solidworks, enjoyed a lot too. Never seen before quality
Monika Rawat
Product design Student, SUPWA
One of the best courses I have ever attended. Was really insightful, in depth and most importantly, I really enjoyed a lot
Sagar Singh
Product design student, SUPWA

Solidworks Seminars

Flexible seminar duration based on the need

Solidworks UI, Intro, Customization, Basics, Solid Modelling, Sketching, Arithmetic operations, Rendering, Drawings etc.
Beginner 15%
Brakes and wheels (Disc, Caliper, Paddle assembly, Rims, Tyre)
Advanced solid modelling, Sculpting, Boolean operations, 3D sketching, Weldments, Mass and section properties, Assembly, toolbox etc. etc.
Intermediate 35%
Chassis and Suspension ( Tubing frame, Axial and lateral members, Suspension arms, upright, Creating assembly)
Solidworks surfacing, sheet metal, routing, Advanced rendering, Advanced drawing, Fastening features, Animations, Exp. view, Autotrace etc.
Advanced 60%
Steering, Radiator, Engine, Differential (Steering wheel, links, Engine block and headers, Differential gear train)
Design for manufacturing (DFM) and assembly (DFA), molding, 3D printing, Sheet metal, machining, Assembly features, mates, toolbox etc.
Professional 80%
Body and cockpit (Body surfaces, Cockpit surfaces, Car parts assembly, generating STL files for 3D printing)
Solidworks Simulation (FEA), Static and dynamic studies, Kinematics, Motion studies, Fluid flow (CFD), Mold flow etc.
Simulation Expert 90%
Testing for Performance, Motion, Aerodynamics (Testing Chassis, Steering, Suspension, Aerodynamics)
Solidworks UI, Intro, Customization, Basics, Sketching, Solid modelling, Rendering, Drawings, sheet metal Intro, weldments, Surfacing Intro, Simulation Intro, Composer Intro etc.
CrashMaster 45%
Learn Solidworks ASAP by converting some Consumer Products from Sketch to manufacturing blueprints!

Learn as your Brain wants

Every course has easy mind-maps which help in interrelating and understanding concepts

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