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Solidworks Professional

Design for manufacturing (DFM) and assembly (DFA), molding, sheet metal, weldments, 3D printing, machining, Assembly features, mates, toolbox etc.
SW Professional 80%

Functional designs

  • Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on WhatsApp/Skype with every course
  • Focus on Functional product design, not just for visualization
  • Design for: Manufacturing-Assembly-Performance as the core criteria
  • The course is designed to be Enjoyed, not Endured, 100% Learn by Building approach
  • The courses is a combination of engineering theory, software and shop floor experience that we have
  • Designed to be in Visual, mind-maps format which allows you to interrelate various concepts, not  just in bits and pieces here and there.
  • By the end of this course you not only will have learned the relevant modules, but you will have several portfolio items to show in your CV

What is Different?

What you will Learn

  1. Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for assembly (DFA)
  2. Injection moldable design: Theory, guidelines, standards, considerations.
  3. Constant wall thickness, draft, rib, corner radius
  4. Offset, rediate, ruled, filled, knit, indent features etc.
  5. Draft analysis, Undercut analysis, Parting line analysis, Mold flow analysis
  6. Shut off surface, parting surface, cores, split lines etc.
  7. Creating molds patterns for parts
  8. Design for Assembly: Limits, fits and tolerances
  9. Theory, standards, guidelines for fits and tolerances
  10. Providing proper tolerances on parts for proper fit and manufacturing
  11. Tolerance boxes, callouts, IT grades, basic deviations, standard sizes etc.
  12. Tolerance analysis, interference analysis
  13.  Design for Sheet metal fabrication: Theory, guidelines, standards, considerations,
  14.  K-factor, bend allowance, bend deduction, bend tables, corner radius, standard gauges
  15. Corner relief, rips, weld bead, cross breaks
  16. Sheet metal forming, drawing, allowances, bends, joints etc.
  17.  Welded joints: Theory, standards, guidelines, considerations
  18.  Adding structural member, cut lists, BOM
  19. Adding custom profiles to library
  20. Corner treatment, corner radius, weld gaps,
  21. Trim, extend, gusset, end caps, weld beads
  22. Tips, tricks, techniques and best practices
  23.  Design for 3D printing: Guidelines, considerations,
  24. Tolerances, materials, wall thickness, corner radius, fillets, 
  25. Warping, grain direction, printing methods
  26. Ribs, joints, fastening features etc.
  27.  Assembly design: Theory and considerations
  28. Top down and bottom up design strategies
  29. Inserting components, move, copy, pattern, assembly features
  30. Modelling on assembly level, tips, tricks and techniques
  31. Basic mates, advanced mates, mechanical mates etc.
  32.  Smart fasteners, hole series, toolbox uses
  33. Best practices in assembly designs, increasing performance.

What you could design in this course

Difficulty level (out of 100)

Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on Whatsapp/Skype with every course


  • Student should have attended at least the Beginners and Intermediate course
  • Latest Solidworks software installed and running
  • Must have their own laptop/PC
  • Keen interest to learn the skill
  • Someone who had completed at least the Beginner and Intermediate courses
  • Candidates who understand the concepts up to the Intermediate level
  • Product design students, professionals, enthusiasts, makers who want to make functional product design
  • Those who are interested in machine design, automotive design, consumer product design etc.
  • Those who want to be able to create manufacturable designs and blueprints

Who should take it?

  • Beginners in Solidworks, consider taking the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses first
  • Those how want to create NON functional and highly organic models for visualization purpose only
  • Those who are already confident that they know Solidworks thoroughly
  • Those who have more than 3 years of active experience in the relevant modules already

Who should NOT take it?

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