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Solidworks Beginner

Brakes and wheels (Disc, Caliper, Paddle assembly, Rims, Tyre)

Solidworks UI, Intro, Customization, Basics, Solid Modelling, Sketching, Arithmetic operations, Rendering, Drawings etc.
SW Beginner 15%

100% Learn by Building approach

Don't just do a Course, do a Project to learn something!

  • Finish a big and exciting project and learn the skills to do so, on the way
  • Don’t just learn a skill, Put it to use, so it is worth something to you!
  • By the end of the course/project, you not only have some kickass skills, but also have something that shows that you do.
  • Something which 99% among us don’t have, is a portfolio!

Functional designs

  • Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on WhatsApp/Skype with every course
  • Focus on Functional product design, not just for visualization
  • Design for: Manufacturing-Assembly-Performance as the core criteria
  • The course is designed to be Enjoyed, not Endured, 100% Learn by Building approach
  • The courses is a combination of engineering theory, software and shop floor experience that we have
  • Designed to be in Visual, mind-maps format which allows you to interrelate various concepts, not  just in bits and pieces here and there.
  • By the end of this course you not only will have learned the relevant modules, but you will have several portfolio items to show in your CV

What is Different?

What you will Learn

  1. Solidworks User Interface
  2. Customizing the interface for speed and comfort
  3. Sketching basics, shortcuts, best practices
  4. Sketch entities: Line, points, ellipse, polygon, slot, circle, arcs, splines etc.
  5. Sketch modification: cut, copy, paste, move, rotate, mirror, pattern, trim etc.
  6. Sketching best practices, tips, tricks, rapid sketching etc.
  7. Creating solids: Extrusion, Revolve, Sweep, Loft etc.
  8. Modifying models: Pattern, mirror, copy, move etc
  9. Adding supporting features: Rib, draft, shell, fillet, chamfer, wrap etc.
  10. Creating reference entities: Planes, axis, point, coordinate axis etc.
  11. Working with 3D models quickly, Instant 3D functionality etc.
  12. Rendering introduction, tips, tricks best practices
  13. Producing quick renders, materials, scenes, techniques etc.
  14. Generating quick dimensional drawings, smart dimensions etc.
  15. Orthographic views, isometric views, custom views
  16. Annotations in drawings, layers, exploded views, section views etc.
  17. Generating a single multi-page PDF for product documentation.
  18. Tips, tricks, techniques and best practices


  • Student should be able to operate PC/Laptop comfortably
  • Latest Solidworks software installed and running
  • Must have their own laptop/PC
  • Keen interest to learn the skill

What you could design in this course

Difficulty level (out of 100)

Free live Q&A, doubt sessions on Whatsapp/Skype with every course

  • Someone who is complete beginner to Solidworks
  • Product design students, enthusiasts, makers who want to make functional product design
  • Those who are interested in machine design, automotive design, consumer product design etc.
  • Those who want to be able to create manufacturable designs and blueprints
  • Solidworks beginner course lays a strong foundation in Solidworks
  • Its mainly covers sketching, solid modelling, rendering and producing 2D/3D manufacturing blueprints

Who should take it?

  • Those who already know Solidworks to the extent that they can produce moderately complex models
  • Those how want to create NON functional and highly organic models for visualization purpose only
  • Those who are already confident that they know the basics thoroughly
  • Those who have more then 1 year active experience in Solidworks

Who should NOT take it?

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